E-Stim Small Deviant



The Deviant is the latest insertable creation to come out from our workshops and shows exactly what you can do when we combine our expertise in E-Stim technology with our creative flair! Featuring our exclusive ripplehead technology, the Deviant has a number of machined ridges along the head, each is designed to tease and tantalise as it enters, while the smoother rounded head helps with easy penetration, both for the male and female uswer. Once inside the multiple ridges ensure highly effective contact – a must of effective electroplay. The insulated neck has been designed with smooth curves again for comfort and the base is refined with a deeper ridge than normal to aid easy removal. The combination of conductive head and base together with an insulated neck produces a bipolar electrode that is highly effective add the pleasures from one of our powerful E-Stim control units and you …